Simon the Butcher on the Perfect Steak


Simon the Butcher on the Perfect Steak

We’ve joined forces with Simon Taylor from Surrey Hills Butchers to find out how to prepare and sear the perfect steak! Read our interview for expert advice from the man himself.


How long have you been a butcher?

Since the age of 13, this will be my 24th Christmas!


In your opinion, what are the best cuts of meat to pair with red wine?

My personal favourite cut would have to be sirloin steak served rare, or as a roasting steak, medium-rare.


What are your top tips for preparing and cooking the perfect steak? 

I always apply four simple rules which really help me out when cooking my steak:


Take your steak out of the fridge an hour before cooking to allow it to reach room temperature.


Make sure your pan is searing hot and that you have oiled the steak, not the pan.


Use a temperature probe so that you can control the exact finish of your steak. 50-55°C is rare, up to 72°C being well-done.


Rest the steak so the meat can relax, allowing the juices to spread evenly throughout.

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